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Единый телефон для справок

Information for foreign users

Computer Communication Systems welcomes you to the website of project "Rodnaya Svyaz"!

You can find the information for foreign users here.

Project "Rodnaya Svyaz" enable convicts and all their close people use modern informational and communicational services. You can order them on our website.

Videomeetings let you to see and hear close people who are in prisons in Russia via computer or phone.

Also you can order phone calls with them, send them e-mails and get answers, order products and other goods in the Web Store.


We pay your attention, that:

1. You must register to access any service. Please, enter your valid e-mail adrees and phone number, when you register. It must contain international dialing code.

If you can't register by yourself, please contact us by e-mail:

contact@cocos.perm.ru with the subject "can't register"

Our specialist will contact you.

Or contact our call-center by number:

+7-342-211-58-38 or 007-342-211-58-38

"7" is country code of Russia. Use "+" or "00" for international calls in your area. 

Call is chargeable, the cost depends on rates of your phone operator.

2. By Criminal Executive code of Russian Federation:

  • - phone calls can be controlled by the employees of penal jurisdiction;
  • - employees of the penal jurisdiction always check all the e-mails for and from convicts;
  • - all the videomeetings, phone calls and correspondence must be conducted in Russian language.

3. You can order any service only after full prepayment. You can pay from abroad in three ways (these ways of payment support conversion of currency into rubles):

If you have questions, please, contact us by e-mail: contact@cocos.perm.ru